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My thoughts. Out loud. Mostly The Walking Dead. The Vampire Diaries. Matthew Mayfield. Game of Thrones. And anything else i find interesting.
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Mmmmm…. GMO chocolate chip cookie dough Oreos!

Points to those who know what in watching and what part this is. It’s my favorite part as well as the part where the ugliest faces are made.

Check out this stupid sign I saw on my adventures today. REALLY? 17 1/2??????

I have a new nail polish addiction. The whole Pixie Dust line from Zoya! Matte, super glittery nail candy!

Ian, Ian, Ian….on the People’s Choice Awards!

Walking. 3 miles. 58 minutes. Chewie only participated in half that! Slacker.

Kitt-eh loves the tie on my shirt….meanwhile, she’s scratching me all up….

Cannon Beach, OR

It’s a bourbon/crispin/eggroll kinda night…